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Price: $17.95
Page count: 352
Size: 9.3 x 7.5 x 1.2 in
ISBN: 0140241256

Things Will Be Different For My Daughter

A Practical Guide to Building Her Self-Esteem
and Self-Reliance From Infancy Through
the Teen Years

The challenges and joys of growing up female have never been more complex than in today’s rapidly changing world. Warm, supportive, and solidly based on the latest research, this innovative guide offers concrete advice and strategies on how to raise your daughter to be confident and capable. The expected information on raising a daughter in the nineties is included. It is the unexpected, however, that makes this book invaluable.

From Publisher’s Weekly
Do you want to help your daughter to grow up into a confident, capable young woman? Here is the book for it, offering just the right information, support and good company needed for building self-esteem in girls from infancy through young adulthood. Solidly grounded in the latest research, the thoughtfully written, well designed, workbook-style text invites active participation from mothers and daughters.