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Berta Benz and the Motorwagon

Price: $22.95
Hardcover with dust jacket
Page count: 48
Size: 12.3 x 9.4 x 0.5 in
High quality over size book
ISBN: 0911655387

Berta Benz and the Motorwagen

Berta's story is sure to charm, entertain and educate young and old alike. In August of 1888 Berta Benz, a German housewife, and her two teenage sons changed the world. They made the first long-distance drive in a gasoline-powered automobile. They did it without fuel, supplies or the consent of Herr Benz! The trip, though plagued by problems, was a success and showed that motor transportation did indeed have a future.

"The text is lively, the events carefully authenticated and illustrated by page after page of color wash paintings of dazzling detail and evocative power..."
Scientific American magazine

Berta’s story is an entertaining slant on the woman behind the man behind the wheel. Illustrations are beautifully crafted. Readers should not be deceived by he pastel presentation – story has strength and credibility --- would lend itself well to animated film.
Joan A. Peters,
Road and Track Magazine