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Possibilities: A Supplemental Anthology

Career advice from John Updike and Robert Frost? Pep talks from Emily Dickinson and Albert Camus? Unusual, perhaps, but no more so than the idea of using a language arts class to teach problem-solving, risk-taking, and the work ethic. That's the approach taken by Career Choices and its supplementary anthology, Possibilities. After spending a little time with the materials, you're likely to begin wondering why no one ever thought of doing this before.

Possibilities is the language arts component in the Career Choices series, linking 50 selections of poetry, short stories and essays to specific lessons in the Career Choices text. The curriculum is flexible enough to be used in a variety of situations, and with students of varying abilities.

How Possibilities addresses Language Arts Standards
This is a most helpful approach to teaching `required' literature. The
questions at the end of each selection were great because they were
thought-provoking and stimulated the students to think critically.

Use both Career Choices and Possibilities as:

  A semester or year-long class in the English department.
  A team teaching opportunity with the English department and the school counselor, career technician, or home economics instructor.
  Two supporting integrated classes (for example, a freshman transition course coupled with 9th grade English).
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