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Instructor's and Administrator's Guide for the Career Choices Series and®

8th Edition - Updated 2020

Newly expanded with instructor resources and whole-school plans!

We've done it---and it's a change for the better!

Newly expanded and reorganized, the 8th Edition Instructor's and Administrator's Guide for the Career Choices Series and® is the most complete resource ever available for Career Choices instructors and program administrators.  With 182 additional pages and the new online resources from over 100 video tutorials linked to each Instructor's Guide topic, you'll have everything you need to ensure you can deliver a course and program for your students so they graduate with the skills and attitudes needed to be succesful in today's world.

This manual provides the roadmap and the resources to make meaningful career and education plans a reality for ALL students. By implementing a comprehensive guidance course and school-wide initiative built on the proven methods of the Career Choices Series and®, you can increase your high school and college completion rates.

This greatly expanded 8th Edition provides classroom instructors, administrators, principals, deans, counselors, advisors, and program coordinators with: You'll learn about our comprehensive online professional development options available 24/7 via the: What's NEW in this expanded version?
  • Expanded Quick Start resources
  • Lesson plans for the additional chapters of Career Choices and Changes not found in Career Choices
  • Extra resources included in the 10-Step Plan for Implementing a Freshman Transition/Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Program
  • Detailed meeting agendas and buy-in presentation suggestions
  • Secrets of success from proven programs
  • Explanations on updates to®
  • Notably enhanced professional development and curriculum support options, particularly online

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